【Record Label Awards】
💽 Album of the Year
Mallarme’s Tuesdays/Universal Music Ltd.﹙Performed by Qing Feng Wu﹚

💽 Song of the Year
A Flash and How It Lasts《9522》/On Line Entertainment Co., Ltd.﹙Performed by anpu﹚

💽 Best Mandarin Album
PRO/Sony Music Entertainment Taiwan Ltd.﹙Performed by Kumachan﹚

💽 Best Taiwanese Album
Mercury Retrograde/Fire On Music Co., Ltd.﹙Performed by Enno Cheng﹚

💽 Best Hakka Album
Yam Fung leu/Sangeutai Band﹙Performed by Rita Lin﹚

💽 Best Indigenous Language Album
The Roots/Elevenz Music﹙Performed by Matzka﹚

🎥 Best Music Video
Little Balcony《Little Balcony》/Sunset Music Productions Co., Ltd.﹙Director:Pennacky﹚

【Vocal – Individual Awards】
🎵 Best Composer
Lala Hsu/Anything But《Silver Lining》/Pourquoi Pas Music Limited﹙Performed by Pei-Yu Hung﹚

✍️ Best Lyricist
Chow Yiu Fai/Homo Sapiens《Homo Sapiens》/Universal Music Ltd.﹙Performed by Eason Chan﹚

🎹 Best Arrangement
Chico Tsai/Kungkung Workbook《9522》/On Line Entertainment Co., Ltd﹙Performed by anpu﹚

🎧 Best Album Producer
Blaire Ko/Holy Gazai/Blaire Ko Music Studio﹙Performed by A_Root﹚

🎧 Best Song Producer
Kyle Lu、Itun Chou/Telephone《Snow White》/Avex Taiwan Inc.﹙Performed by JADE﹚

🙋‍♂️ Best Male Vocalist (Mandarin)
HUSH/Pleasing Myself/B’in Music

🙋‍♀️ Best Female Vocalist (Mandarin)
A-Lin/LINK/Sony Music Entertainment Taiwan Ltd.

🙋‍♂️ Best Male Vocalist (Taiwanese)
A Ge La/Thank you my love/Chien Kun Video Mass Communication Co., Ltd.

🙋‍♀️ Best Female Vocalist (Taiwanese)
Enno Cheng/Mercury Retrograde/Fire On Music Co., Ltd.

🗣 Best Vocalist (Hakka)
Julia Peng/Living Room Dreaming/Big Sound Music Production

🗣 Best Vocalist (Indigenous Language)
Kasiwa/Ita/Ya Sound Entertainment Ltd.

🎸 Best Band
Cosmos People/The Moment/B’in Music

👥 Best Vocal Group
Crispy/Take It Slow, I Will Be There/Pourquoi Pas Music Limited

🗣 Best New Artist
Pei-Yu Hung/Silver Lining/Pourquoi Pas Music Limited

【Record Label Awards】
🎹 Instrumental Best Album
Connected/Feeling Good Music Co., Ltd.﹙Performed by Chien Chien Lu、Richie Goods﹚

【Instrumental – Individual Awards】
🎧 Instrumental Best Album Producer
Baby-C、Yannick Barman/Sunset In The Alps/Go Ahead Public Ltd. Company﹙Performed by Baby-C、Yannick Barman﹚

🎼 Best Instrumental Composer
Baby-C、Rich Huang/Auntie in the Market《CHÁO》/Maidin Cultural Enterprise Co., Ltd.﹙Performed by Rich Huang﹚

【Individual Awards】
🎨 Best Album Design
Hitsu Pi/Discipline/Pourquoi Pas Music Limited

【Technical – Record Label Awards】
🎤 Best Vocal Recording Album
Time’s up/Fangs Island Cultural Ltd.
Recording Engineers:Chou Han Tsay
Main Mixing Engineers:Chou Han Tsay
Main Mastering Post-Production:John Greenham

🎷 Best Instrumental Recording Album
SEDAR Trio – Vol. 1/Warner Music Taiwan Limited
Recording Engineers:Li You, Li Yang
Main Mixing Engineers:Kevin Killen
Main Mastering Post-Production:Bob Ludwig

【Jury Award】
🏅Jury Award

【Special Contribution Award】
🏅Special Contribution Award
Qiuli Lin
Ou Yang Fei Fei